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Improve your golf this winter No1

First in a series of tips to help you improve your game throughout the winter monthsNo1Setup balance (right handed)I like to see a little more pressure on the left side (53/47) and slightly left heel (61/39) and right toe (53/47) as shown in the image.Drill:Try setting up then rocking from heels to toes and left […]

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Warm Up For More Distance

The main reason for warming up before you play if to get you ready to play to your maximum straight off the first tee, NOT 4 holes into your round I was with one of my clients Allan this morning and this is how the conversation went: Me; Morning Allan Allan; Morning john Me; right […]

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Club Speed determines your potential distance. Club Speed is the speed the club head is traveling immediately prior to impact. More club speed = more potential distance. 1 mph increase in your club speed can increase your distance up to 3 yards with Driver. PGA TOUR (Averages) : Driver – 113 mph : 6 iron […]

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