Shift your Pressure not your Weight for Better Shots

This morning I was asked by one of my clients about shifting “weight” for more power and better shots.

What we need to do is shift Pressure not Weight I said.

If you stand upright feet shoulder width apart and start to march on the spot you will be shifting your pressure from one foot to the other 100% without your belt buckle (center of mass “com”) moving very much from side to side.

If you shift your Center of Mass to the right during your backswing (com picture above albeit slightly exaggerated) it then becomes very difficult to shift pressure to the lead foot during transition to the downswing and results in lack of power and distance.

Shifting center of pressure to the right (cop picture above) while maintaining good center allows you to shift to the lead foot during transition to the downswing much easier and faster increasing the chance of creating more speed and power.


So remember we want to shift Pressure not Weight during your swing

Try it out next time you go and practice



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