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Would you like to get Your Free Personal Swing Analysis and Performance Blueprint

Do you want to fix that slice, add consistency to your game and drive the ball 10 yards further and shave 5 or more shots off each round (without spending hours at the range)?

If you are a golfer who is frustrated but committed to achieving your potential on the course, then I would like to offer you a free 1-hour Golf Performance Assessment.

Is this for you?

Do you want to:

  • Fix that terrifying slice?
  • Reduce your handicap by 5 strokes or more?
  • Turn your volatile hook into a nice baby draw?
  • See your drive fly 20 yards past your shocked and jealous friends?
  • Turn that swing that becomes erratic under pressure into reliable swing that delivers with ice-cold consistency?
  • Putt like Jordan Speith (or at least more like Jordan Speith)?
  • Start winning the money instead of handing over that crisp £ note every week?
  • Finally put an end to your chipping yips?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you have come to the right place.

This is your opportunity to experience what no other golf academy in the country can offer. I have the only facility where you can get access to Trackman, BodyTrack and 3d testing to give you the complete answers to what’s holding you back followed by my bespoke solution to shave shots from your next round.

My Performance Program has worked for hundreds of golfers because we focus on 4 key elements (most golf coaches miss at least 1 of these vital components)


Advanced player analysis and rigourous testing


Performance review and personal improvement blueprint


Periodised practice and performance goals


Phased progression and continual improvement

These 4 steps are the real secret to consistent reliable performance on the course.

What will you get in your 1-hour golfers blueprint session?

  • Full Video analysis and breakdown of your Driver, 6 iron & Pitching Wedge Swings
  • Trackman Golf Data to go with those swing with a full shot report that will uncover exactly why you hit the shots you hit and the consistency levels of each club
  • Boditrak data collect on those shots too showing center of pressure traces during your swing so you can see just how efficient you are at setting up and then producing power speed and more importantly distance in your golf swing
  • A complimentary "All Access Members Pass" to my exclusive online coaching portal.
  • Your own personal video copy of the session for your future reference.
  • Included in your coaching session I will help you identify your biggest golfing frustrations and how to banish them and set manageable goals which will shave shots off every round you play  and I'll also give you a copy of your own personal blueprint for continued improvement, week after week, round after round.

Why is this free?

Firstly, because I love working with golfers like you - enthusiastic golfers who actually want to continually get better.

Secondly, I’m so confident that you’ll love my system so much that you will want to continue after the assessment.

Once you start to see the benefits and how quickly you can improve your game and lower your scores I have no doubt that you will want to continue working together towards your goals.

In fact I am so confident in my system that if you do carry on, I will give you my 100% guarantee. You get results or your money back!

What other coaches do you know who are happy to GUARANTEE results?

I want to help you succeed. I’m sick and tired of people not getting results, seeing conflicting ‘advice’, feeling unconfident & frustrated with their games; yet not knowing exactly what to do about it and who they can trust.

And there is absolutely no risk or obligation to you. If you’re not completely satisfied once simply walk away with your Golf Performance Blueprint and your results from the session with no further obligation to continue.

And we’ll still be friends.

Sound fair enough?

I’ve spent 20 years helping more than 1000 people just like you and here are some of their results...

I used to slice the ball a lot, I now know what causes the slice and how to fixt it

Alan 11 Hcap

The program has been great and I now know how to get the most out of my practice

Dave 7 Hcap

I’m much more consistent now and my handicap has reduced by 5 shots

Sara 22 Hcap

Since working with john my putting and short Game has improve massively, which has given me lots of confidence when I go out and play

Matt 18 Hcap

I’ve been working with john on the program now for 2 years, my handicap has reduced from 22 to 4!

Graham 4 Hcap

So it’s time to decide whether you want to:

A) Get on board and take advantage of this no risk opportunity to finally start seeing the results your deserve

B) Stay as you are. Continue to feel frustrated, unconfident with your game, hoping something will change but know deep down... it won’t!

If you chose ‘A’ and are ready to take action then click below to apply for your Trial