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Warm Up For More Distance

The main reason for warming up before you play if to get you ready to play to your maximum straight off the first tee, NOT 4 holes into your round

I was with one of my clients Allan this morning and this is how the conversation went:

Me; Morning Allan

Allan; Morning john

Me; right before we start just warm up

Allan; (After 2 swings) ok I’m ready

Me; What that’s it?

Allan; Yep

this is what happened after that


So Allan starts hitting some 7 iron shots (trackman data) club speed 59mph ball carry 100 yards

16 shots in we have a few more practice swings, he’s now swinging much freer

next 10 shots (trackman data) club speed 67mph ball carry 121

So once Allan had “warmed up” he increased speeds by 8mph and distance massively by 20 yards the problem is,

had he have been playing that would have been at least 3 holes in if not more


So does Allan see the benefit of a warm up, indeed he does..

Do you warm up before you play? if not why not?

dynamic warm has proven to be much better at getting the body “ready” than just static stretches

try this warm up before you next play and add distance to your game,

let me know how you get on


Enjoy your golf, see you soon



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