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Club Speed determines your potential distance.

Club Speed is the speed the club head is traveling immediately prior to impact.

More club speed = more potential distance. 1 mph increase in your club speed can increase your distance up to 3 yards with Driver.

PGA TOUR (Averages)

: Driver – 113 mph
: 6 iron – 93 mph

LPGA TOUR (Averages)

: Driver – 94 mph
: 6 iron – 79 mph

MALE AMATEUR ( Driver Average )

: Scratch or Better – 110
: 5 Hcp – 101
: 10 Hcp – 95
: Average 15 Hcp – 94
: Average 18 Hcp – 92

FEMALE AMATEUR ( Driver Averages )

: Scratch or Better – 90
: 5 Hcp – 87
: 10 Hcp – 83
: Average 15 Hcp – 79

Earlier in the year you saw Paul increase his Club Speed by 7 mph = 21 yards added distance to his 6 iron by improving his swing mechanics.

You can improve your Club Speed by improved swing mechanics and better swing sequencing.

Just over a month ago Phill joined my Cheshire Performance Program.

His Goals   more consistency – more distance – more control

We gathered some initial data using Golf Biodynamics 3D Analysis Boditrak& Trackman
This enablable us to Benchmark where Phill’s issues lay and to set some Technical Goals to help him achieve his goals

November 26th on the right hand side – Massive loss of hip and leg height during the back swing (Elvis legs as he was known by his pals), arms “lifting” up rather than making a swing around the body. As a result club path way left -11.2 degrees (blue line) & Club head speed was 79mph


December 6th on the left – Hip and leg action much improved allowing the arms to rotate around the body. As a result club delivery has improved club path now -2 (Blue line) club head speed has increased by 6mph now 85.4mp

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