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The Big 3 Reasons why you slice (and how I’ve helped fix 100’s of golfers like you)

Doesn’t it drive you nuts? Everything is going great and then all of a sudden ‘out of nowhere’ you’re in the water, in the woods or out of bounds (pain face).

There are not many more FRUSTRATING feelings in golf than watching your ball slice off into the distance. “Reload” as your friends snigger in the background.

It’s happened to us all. The 18th when you’re in contention at the club medal, or when things get tight during the four ball for money with your friends. Its crunch times like these that seem to magnetically attract the dreaded SLICE.

Bye bye goes the medal. Handing over a fiver to smug Steve never felt so bad.And the more you think about (and try to fix it), the worse it seems to get...

The 18th at St Andrews

I remember playing in the Open at St Andrews in 1995.

My playing partner was a swede by the name of Olle Karlsson. He had played some lovely golf over the two days and here he was, stood on the 18th hole at St Andrews Open Championship only needing a par to make the cut for the weekend.

Now those of you who have played there or seen the last hole on TV will know that it has to be the widest fairway in the world!

You can hit it anywhere left. You know what’s coming and so did he. He aimed left to allow for a slight fade and sliced it in to the middle of the town center!

And I mean the center. It must have been 100 yards right straight over the top of the ice cream van on the corner.

What is a slice?

A slice is a shot that curves a lot to the right side for a right-handed golfer and is probably the most common of all the faults I see (I have fixed hundreds in my time).

What do most amateurs try to do about it?

You slice so you attempt to fix it by aiming further left. This is a compensation fix I see all the time at my academy at Styal.

Unfortunately this just leads to more frustration as the ball either goes EVEN further right or you strike a ball with the explosive power of a cannon ‘straight left’.

What do most amateurs try to do about it?

In simple terms you slice the ball because the clubface is pointing further right than the direction the club head is swinging (out to in) causing the axis of the ball to tilt and therefore the ball to curve.

Just like the wings on a plane if they tilt right the plane will curve right

I want to help you stop that SLICE so we CAN win that medal completion or just take the money off your pals so I’ve listed a few of the common faults I see every day to help

The BIG 3 reasons why you slice...

  1. Poor alignment at setup is a big problem for many golfers. Aiming your body more left to allow for the curve of the slice.

    Sound familiar?

    The problem here is that that tends to cause the direction of the club head to swing even further left across the ball creating the axis of the ball to tilt even more and guess what; a bigger SLICE to the right.
  2. Swaying your hips to the right during the backswing causes your weight to move right too much.

    This means that when you start your downswing that weight tends to stay on the right side and your body just turns again causing the direction of the club to swing further left (over the top) than the clubface and again the big SLICE to the right.
  3. Gripping the club too weak will tend to deliver the face of the club open (pointing right) at impact this again will cause the axis of the ball to tilt right and SLICE the ball.

I’ve helped hundreds of golfers just like you

The more you understand your own swing the easier it is to see why your swing is causing the slice and the closer you’ll be to knowing how to fix it.

That’s why at my academy in Styal I have invested thousands of pounds to be in the only venue in the UK that has:


A Radar that tracks the flight of the ball and gives club data through the impact area

3D Body analysis

Wearing a series of sensors that tell you EXACTLY what your body is doing during your swing

Boditrak Pressure plates

Tracks pressuses at setup and during your swing and when linked to the 3D system the ground reaction forces too

The super powerful combination of these 3 pieces of kit allows me to create a detailed picture of each golfers INDIVIDUAL issue and then what to do about it.

It’s this supreme confidence and years of coaching experience working with hundreds of amateurs, professionals and the current England WMU18’s team that allow me to be the only coach in Cheshire that offers a 100% money back guarantee of success.

Don’t just take my word for it

When I first came to see John I couldn’t even take my driver out of the bag. If I did, I knew what the outcome would be. My 3 wood and my hybrid sliced too but I could just about keep them in play.

I have been seeing John for 2 years now and my handicap has gone from 24 to 5. My driver is now my favourite club in the bag and the slice is a thing of the past.

Stop putting yourself through unnecessary pain, just go and see John.

Graham Webb                 

I have been on johns main program now for 12 months my handicap has reduced by 5 shots and my consistency has improve dramatically the regular coaching and structured practice has made such a big difference to my game

Sara Caldwell                 

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