Great Win For World No1 Dustin Johnson – Total Golf Analysis

Great Win For World No1 Dustin Johnson

So last night we saw Dustin Johnson Win the WGC Mexico Championship by 1 shot his first event as world number one and by doing so he joined a short list of players who have won the first event they have played as the No1 player in the world.

Think it’s fair to say that when you can carry your 6 iron 235 yards in the air it helps!..


Altitude and the heat played a part as the ball travels much further when the air is thinner and its warmer “roll on summer” but even so it’s impressive all the same.

Looking at his Trackman Data above

A club head speed of 101mph is higher than most people with driver! flush it out of the middle of the club, so a good smash factor all help too, low dynamic loft and spin have played a part as well as getting 15 yards of run is certainly not the norm for a tour player hitting a 6 iron.

So ultimately having a higher club head speed and a good strike from the centre of the club will increase your distance.


But what is your club head speed with driver or 6 iron and how does that effect the distance you hit your shots?
Can you swing it faster and hit it further too?

YES is the answer.

Food for thought

On a plus point he did miss a fair few putts from inside 5 feet so there is hope for us all! ????

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